Stress not required

With all the new pressures of measuring teacher's competence it is no wonder that stress is at an all time high among teachers.  Race to the top winners have been required to partially evaluate teachers based on the test scores of their students.  This new demand can only add to the already stressful job of being in the classroom in today's atmosphere where student parents often do not support teachers.

There are things that a teacher can do to reduce the stress.  First of all manage your life and your health.  That means eating properly and at regular intervals.  Start with a healthy breakfast that is not primarily sugar and caffeine.  Donuts and coffee are one of the worst breakfast choices.  So is skipping breakfast and just having the coffee.  Breakfast may include a wake up cup of coffee but it should also include a healthy abundance of some good protein and fiber.  A decent breakfast will arm you for the day.

You can't change other people you can only change yourself.  So if a student or co-worker or supervisor is creating stress, put that person in perspective.  How much will this matter tomorrow or next week or next month.  Don't take anything too seriously.  The old saying about death and taxes is true.  My grandmother used to say "this too shall pass" and she was 100% correct.

Even No Child Left Behind will get amended and be changed.  Of course, it will leave a lot of stress in its wake but it will still be gone.  So keep that in perspective.  Another thing to realize is that since merit pay isn't coming in anytime soon, what real difference does a bad evaluation make.  The way things are now you pay is determined by how long you have been teaching not by how well you do the job whether that decision is based on test scores or your student's ability to learn.

Get TESOL Certification Program and Get TEFL Jobs Abroad

There is no doubt, when you ask someone about what most frequent spoken language in the world  is, he/she will  answer English is the language. Now, even non-native English spoken countries use English for many purposes. A clear example you can find easily is the use of English on most TV programs including most advertisements. Further, you may also find that English proficiency becomes main requirement for job seekers in many countries even though they are not English native speakers. It is actually a very good opportunity for you who want to get a great job in teaching English. Sounds interesting?

When*you decide to teach English in foreign countries, you have to make sure that you are qualified to a professional English teacher. You need authentic evidence which proves your proficiency. TESOL Certification is the best answer you need because your TESOL Certificate will represent you as professional English teacher. Further, if you realize that there are a lot of TEFL Jobs Abroad opportunities, you will also realize that you need to be qualified for sure. Remember, it is TEFL, Teaching English as Foreign Language. It simply means that you teach language learners who do not use English in their daily life because English is still a foreign language for them. Well, if you thing it will be difficult to teach non-native speakers of English, you will finally find that you are wrong when you join TESOL Certification program conducted by trusted institute.